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alright can we look at kevin durant hopping up and down like she got a girlfriend that just got proposed to

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marshon brooks is lowkey (very lowkey) the best shooting guard in the nba


nick young talks about lakers, swag, and iggy’s butt

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I imagine the Giants signed Dan Uggla so he can hand the real ballplayers complimentary hot towels and five minute back rubs. 

i would appreciate it if you could CHILL

divock origi is quite possibly the worst striker this world has ever seen

liverpool are going to have one of the worst years in their history

katara replied to your post “that 6 selfies bullshit is getting me tight stop deceiving us into…”

are u old enough that i can suck u off

i hate u


you ever just see a girl referring to a nigga as “my best friend” in front of him and you like look that nigga in the eyes and you can see his soul shattering and it looks like a mix of the moment derrick rose got injured and that scene in inception when the world was fallin apart time goin in slow motion and you’re like lowkey ready to pick this nigga up in case his knees buckle?

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i think i might start a new blog honestly theres too many things to fix on this one